From the mind of a G33k

Be Thankful

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Good morning everyone,
I want you all to stop what you're doing and think about everything you have now. Even if all you have is a cardboard box, an old car, or a loaf of bread thank the God's for what you do have. Every morning from this day on wake up and give thanks again for the things you have. During the day give thanks for what you have. When you get that feeling of oh if I only had more of this or more money my life would be complete you're putting your blessings on pause because you're only thinking of what you want and not appreciating and loving what you've already been given.

I promise for every day you give thanks and appreciate what you've already been given that feeling of appreciation and love for what you have will multiply. As it multiplies and you truly love and appreciate your blessings and gifts your life will be filled with everything you desire.

In this universe do not ask for more money or fancy things. Ask the God's for happiness and health.

Money and fancy things will come in time but should never be your main focus.

Stay positive and be thankful that you have life. Without life you wouldn't even have the option to think about wants.

Love yourself and love your environment because no matter where you live or what you're going through the power to change the things you don't like are within yourself and nobody else.