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My birthwood

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I just found out about birthwood. My birthwood is Elder.

Here is some info on the Elder tree:

The last in the Celtic tree astrology pantheon is the Elder tree sign. People from this sign love freedom and others may see them as wild and untamed. The slogan of their life is “Live fast”, always seeking thrills and adventures. They are often misunderstood and treated as outsiders, even though they are extroverts by nature. However, the Elder signs can be deeply thoughtful, often very considerate of others and love to lend a helping hand. This misjudged sign fits well with the Alder and Holly signs.


Pretty interesting and odd because one of the ladies at work keeps trying to tell me to use Elderberry to prevent colds...I had no idea that it has such a significance to my spiritual connection until now.

Some additional info can be found here:


Fixed my bro's...

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Had a blast riding it. Now I want it! He's selling it for $1500 which I don't have sadly. I might be able to get it on payments so we shall see. But check me out people!